6W Profi

The new DEUTZ-FAHR 6W Profi range, Stage III A, includes 4 models with 6-cylinder Deutz engines from 130 to 180 hp. 


6W Profi

The new DEUTZ-FAHR 6W Profi range, Stage III A, includes 4 models with 6-cylinder Deutz engines from 130 to 180 hp. 



Entirely designed in Italy specifically for the export markets, they’re characterised by efficient, synchronised transmission and a choice of model – either with a cab or with a 4-pillar safety frame with a handy sunroof. The new 6W Profi range includes versatile, productive machines that not only guarantee the necessary power level for carrying out the work, but also ensure optimum productivity and reduced consumption.


The new 6W Profi range is equipped with reliable Deutz TCD 2012 L6 engines, with electronically controlled DCR Common Rail fuel injection system (up to 1600 bar), a turbocharger with intercooler and waste-gate valve, cooled by means of a high-efficiency radiator unit made entirely of aluminium. These models stand out for their remarkable tractability, low consumption and long lifespan, with high efficiency and notable torque curves at low speeds.
The Common Rail DCR uses two injection pumps lubricated by the engine oil and “immersed” in the engine block which, along with electronic engine speed adjustment, produces excellent torque values even at low speeds, together with limited noise and vibrations. To reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and therefore respect the limits set by Stage III A, a system of internal exhaust gas recirculation has been used. This is a simple construction solution. It’s reliable and requires no maintenance, but at the same time ensures accurate (in relation to the engine operating conditions) measuring of the gases sent back to the combustion chamber.

Hydraulic System:


The 6W Profi range guarantees the utmost versatility because the hydraulic system has a modular design and offers various configurations to meet every specific need. Made with “premium” components, as standard it has one pump (43 l/min) solely for the power steering and auxiliary circuits, plus a second pump (fixed flow rate – 94 l/min) for the main hydraulic circuit. If required, the latter can be combined with another pump (37 l/min) to provide a total of 131 l/min.
With just the 94 l/min pump fitted, there is a pair of mechanically controlled double-acting distributors (for a total of 4 couplers), that can be increased to three (6 couplers). Otherwise (if the tandem pump is also installed), 6 couplers is the standard but this can be increased to 8 upon request.
With the standard version, the rear handler already ensures a notable lifting capacity of 6850kg close to the quick hitch couplers, but external hydraulic cylinders can also be added to reach a total of 8600kg. In any case, the handler works with extreme precision in strain control mode, thanks to the renowned reliability of the mechanical controls purposely designed by SDF Group.


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