Soilmaster 2m³ Vertical Feed Mixer

The Soilmaster feed mixer is the ultimate solution for producing and cost efficiency when it comes to small scale feed mixing. The Soilmaster comes with two differentiating fixed knives that adjust the cutting length of the material to the preferred length.

Small but mighty. Efficient mixing is the key to good feed production.


The mixing auger is equipped with 7 additional cutting blades that make for a faster and more effective mixing result. Also equipped with a hydraulic opening door that can be converted to use manually if needed. There are a few options available: electric or tractor mounted with or without wheels.

Volume 2m³
Number of spirals 1
Number of blades 7
Unloading from Right side STD
Weight 400kg
Power required 30ph
Hydraulic pressure Tractor
Thickness of spiral 8mm


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