BGU Spessart Woody HS 7

Vertical log splitter

BGU Spessart Woody HS 7 Vertical log splitters


  • User-friendly, two-hands safety control
  • Stepless easy stroke adjustment by means of a rear adjustment rod
  • Noise-less, very powerful electric motor (high power at low 1450 RPM)
  • Fully compliant to the applicable Work Safety Rules and the European EC-Safety Standards
  • Manual setting of the table for splitting long logs (no other implements are required to remove the table)
  • 4-way wedge is included
Electric motor drive 2.2kW
Voltage 230V
Saw blade revolutions 1480r.p.m
Ram stroke 520mm
Splitting force 7 ton
Splitting capacity 550 / 750 / 1080 mm
Total height (retracted pos.) 1100 mm
Total height (retracted pos.) 1600 mm
Dimensions (W X L) 500 x 750 mm
Weight approx. 126 kg
Saw blade (dia) 700/30 mm
Weight approx. 130 kg


Reinhardt Van Zyl
Tel: 081 649 3003

Moses Naujoma
Tel: 081 276 6384


Peter Naujoma
Tel: 081 395 0790

Christoph Ndjamba
Tel: 081 892 4119