BGU WK 780 Range

Two models are available: BGU WK 780 RB/2 petrol engine drive and BGU WK 780 R/2 electric motor drive.

BGU WK 780 Range


  • BGU WK 780 RB/2 is equipped with a gasoline engine for use in remote areas without any power source
  • BGU WK 780 R/2: v-belt drive with an integrated no-volt release switch
  • Welded, heavy-duty, all-steel construction with laser-cut and press-bended chassis sides
  • User-friendly, vibrationless tilt-bench of steel plate
  • Self-propelled. No need for external power supply.
  • High-quality paint, scratch-proof and weather-resistant powder coating
  • Delivered ready to use (no additional installation/assembly costs)
  • Fully compliant to the applicable Work Safety Rules and the European EC-Safety Standards
  • V-belt drive
  • Equipped with standard cut length stop
  • Log clamps available extra on request
  • powerful, 6.6 kW Honda gasoline engine
  • All saws by BGU-Maschinen are available with standard wheel arrangement and handling grip!


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