JF 92 Z6 Single Row

forage harvester

The JF 92 Z6 is the smaller design of our flagship model the JF C120. The JF C120 has been the market leader in Southern Africa for the past 10 years.

One of the top-selling forage harvesters in the world.

JF 92 Z6


The JF 92 Z6 is introduced as a smaller and cheaper alternative in the market. If the farmer requires a harvester to cut only a few hectares a year this smaller cheaper JF 92 Z6 is a perfect choice.

It is smaller but still very powerful and surpassed any opposition in its class. The JF 92 Z6 cuts up to 23 tons per hour where our opposition has a 17 ton capacity per hour. 6 cutting lengths that vary from 3 to 18 mm for perfect forage. An adjustable rotor blade sharpener is a strong point, sharpening blades is as easy as 1,2,3.


JF 92 Z6 highlights

  • High chopping precision, resulting in uniform chop sizes.
  • The highest productivity in its category.
  • The highest variety of chop sizes in its category.
  • Low power requirement
  • The most cost-effective in its category.
  • Lower fuel consumption and maintenance.
  • JF’s exclusive Z shaped knives with double function, chopping precision and throwing power.

Attachments available:

JF 1000 AT harvester head- For Harvesting 2 rows of maize/sorghum with row distance of up to 80 cm (1m working width)

Capacity Up to 23 ton/h
Cut sizes 6 (3 – 18 mm)
Number of rotors 1
Number of rotor blades 6
Power source PTO
Number of cutting blades 4
Recommended PTO power 50 – 80 kW
Required PTO revolution 540
Transmission system Belt driven


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