JF Maxxium Stationary Forage Harvester

Models JF 40, JF 50 and JF 60 are available, with several versions for tractors and stationary chopping.

JF Maxxium


  • JF Precision Forage Choppers chop grass, sunflower, sugar cane, maize and sorghum with excellent uniformity of particles, besides being machines with simple operation and maintenance

  • Cut size change by lever : The only model in the market that changes the cut size with the machine running. Easy and quick handling.

  • Efficient transmission system by gearbox and cardan shaft : Transmission system directly to the rotor for models JF 60 Maxxium and JF 50 Maxxium for tractor.

  • High resistance : Special steel rotor with 4 blades (Maxxium line only). Sealed speed gearbox./p>

  • High cut size uniformity with sizes: 5 and 13 mm or 8 and 13 mm** Better quality of fodder for the animal.

  • *The motors are optional and sold separately


High output with low power consumption 
Simple operation and maintenance
Outstanding performance 
Excellent cost benefit relationship 
Longer durability 
Better fodder quality, with lower loss

SPECIFICATIONS: JF 40 Maxxium JF 50 Maxxium JF 60 Maxxium
Capacity 2000 to 7000 kg/h*
2000 to 8000 kg/h* 5000 to 16500 kg/h*
Cut sizes 5 and 13 or 8 and 13 cm**
5 and 13 or 8 and 13 cm** 5 and 13 or 8 and 13 cm**
Number of blades 4 4 4
Required electric motor power 7,5 to 10 hp 10 to 15 hp 20 to 35 hp
Versions electric
3 point
pull-type with wheels
base for wagon
3 point
pull-type with wheels
base for wagon

* Productivity might vary and depend on factors like cut size, the productivity of forage per hectare, tractor power, logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. For stationary machines, the product might vary and depend on factors like labour availability, motor/engine power, type and quality of forage. ** Cut sizes 8 and 13 mm are optional (Maxxium).


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