STAALMEESTER Double Chop Forage Harvester (DS 540)

The DS 540 is rated amongst the best in the world. This implement harvests grass, lucerne, beet tops etc, which is suitable for making silage, directly from the land.

STAALMEESTER Double Chop Forage Harvester (DS 540)


With the Double Chop action, one gets high-quality silage. This implement is robust and very sturdily built, with high output and outstanding features, that none of its overseas competitors has.

This machine has additional wearing and final re-chopping plates, to ensure a finer cut, and to get more material into the trailer. Can harvest wet or dry material and cut grass into a windrow.

Can pick up directly from the swath – handles anything from grass to maize stalks.

Power requirement 37 – 70 kW
PTO speed 540 r.p.m
Cutting flails 36
Flail rotor speed 1655 r.p.m
Flywheel diameter 810 mm
Flywheel speed 1258 r.p.m
No of drive belts 3
No of cutting blades 6



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