SM 24 Hammer Mills

The SM 24 comes with a standard heavy-duty in feed auger that is used to steadily feed the hammer mill. The auger is equipped with heavy-duty “shredders” that allows the material to be shredded before being milled. This feature has a big advantage over the competitors, the capacity is unmatched in its class.

The SM 24 is the 4th instalment in our hammer mill range. SM 24 has a very unique design.

SM 24 Hammer Mills

Power options available:

  • Electric 22 kW
  • Electric 37 kW
  • Diesel 55 kW, 4 cylinder Perkins Lovol with clutch
  • 3 point tractor driven
  • Without motor

Wheels are optional on all hammer mill types.


Any type of grass and grain types can be fed into the hammer mill. The large indeed tray allows the farmer to place whole square bales into the hammer mill without using the labor to take the bale apart. The SM 24 has 16 hardened hammers that make for a very aggressive hammer mill. The bearings are designed on the outside of the hammer mill that makes for an easy bearing replacement and increases the lifespan of the bearings.

The SM 24 is equipped with a single cyclone for two bags or a double cyclone for four bags. The cyclone can be removed and a chute can be fitted. The SM 24 has a very powerful blower system that allows the material to be displaced up to 8 m high.

The SM 24 comes with a unique bottom drop that allows the user to discharge the material into an auger system for pelletizing or any other similar application. The bottom drop feature also allows the user to mill “wet” material, for example, beetroot, sugar cane, forage and much more.


Rotor Ø 865 mm
Rotor Shaft 60 mm
Housing Width 285 mm
Housing Ø 1105 mm
Milling Sieve 360°
Motor Speed 1470 r/pm
Rotor Speed 1640 r/pm
kW Required 22 – 37 kW
Effective Screen area 5700 cm²
Weight with motor 982 kg
Weight without motor 730 kg



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