ORION 80 – 80 (T) PRO

ORION 80 TH PRO with a gross weight of 8 tons belongs to the category of medium-sized spreaders with state-of-the-art equipment.

All types are distinguished by a hydraulically raised rear door.


80T PRO is distinguished by a tandem axle with four wheels, with the option of installing a wide-angle spreading device. All types are distinguished by a hydraulically raised rear door, lighting equipment, an overrun brake (hydraulic or pneumatic as option), tandem axle with wide tyres hydraulic drive of the chain conveyor, automatic tensioning device of the chain conveyor, mesh protection at the front of the wagon and an additional rear door that can be installed when removing the spreading device, thus allowing the spreaders to be used as a classic trailer for transporting silage or similar material.


Spreading width 8-10 m
Gross weight (kg) 8000
Load capacity (kg) 5300
Weight (kg) 2700
Max length (m) 6.72
Max width (m) 2.20
Max height (m) 2.69
Height of sides (m) 0.6
Loading surface (m) 4.6 x 1.9
Loading volume (m³) 8
Drawbar load (kg) 1000
Required tractor power (kW) 59
Distance between wheels (m) 1.7
PTO (rpm) 540



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