The ORION 35R spreading device with rear protection and a pair of spreading beaters with toothed segmented spreading elements for fine spreading.

The ORION 35R chain floor conveyor has a four-speed mechanical drive via a PTO and a cogwheel.


It comes with a rear wall, which is fitted when the spreading unit is removed and the spreader is used as a standard trailer.


Spreading width 6 m
Gross weight (kg) 3500
Load capacity (kg) 2250
Weight (kg) 950
Max length (m) 5
Max width (m) 2.06
Max height (m) 2.6
Height of sides (m) 0.5
Loading surface (m) 3.2 x 1.2
Loading volume (m³) 2.8
Drawbar load (kg) 500
Required tractor power (kW) 15
Distance between wheels (m) 1.75
PTO (rpm) 540



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