Selvatici TA-2 Posthole digger

The posthole digger is equipped with adjustable parallelogram stabilizer with spring shock absorbers, to make the vertical drilling even more effective.



High resistance cast iron reduction box. Crown wheel and pinion in an oil bath. Standard equipment includes cardan shaft with protection guards and foot supports. Choose from our models of diggers, and auger sizes ranging from 4″ for small post holes, all the way up to 31″ holes. Unified linkage, spirals in stamped steel, wear steel knives. 1 m depth. PTO drive with a safety pin.

Italian gearbox: 60 kW

Optional :

  • 150 mm auger
  • 250 mm auger
  • 300 mm auger
  • 400 mm auger
  • 500 mm auger

Made in Italy


Johan Steenkamp
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Moses Naujoma
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Peter Naujoma
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