HJ -500

At best, the HJ 500 chipper can reach a chipping efficiency of over 100 cubic meters per hour. A high chipping efficiency and a robust in feed chute enable the use of load feeding.

The HJ 500 is a powerful trailed chipper. It is excellently suited for contracting work.

HJ -500


The woodchips are of even quality, and the size can be adjusted as needed.

  • feed opening 45×45 cm
  • feed in a 45-degree angle to the blade
  • feed with grapple loader
  • control with an electro-hydraulic remote control placed in the cabin
  • disk mass 650 kg
  • the disk includes 2 blades and blows wings
  • mount to tractor towing hook

Standard equipment:

  • primary and secondary pto-shaft (note! 1 3/4″ 6-grooved)
  • trailer coupling
  • electrical No-stress rotation guard to regulate the feed according to tractor power
  • electric controller for tractor cabin
  • the electro-hydraulic turning of discharge chute and visor
  • electro-hydraulic tilting of discharge chute into transport position
  • feed roller control
  • No-stress setting


  • brushwood blade for the chamber (uses 1)
  • brushwood blade for the disk (uses 2)
  • hydraulic lifting of the upper feed roller
  • the upper chamber tilting cylinder
  • discharge chute extension (length 50 cm)
Feed opening size 45 x 45 cm
Disc diameter 138 cm
Disc mass 650 kg
Blade count 2*
Revolutions 540-1000 r.p.m
Blade setting 5-20 mm
Max wood diameter 45 cm
Chipping capacity 30-100 m³/h *
Power requirement 80-150 kW *
Weight (kg) 2500 kg
Length in working position 430-483 cm
Length in the transport position 430-483 cm
Width in working position 300 cm
Width in the transport position 230 cm
Height in the transport position 315 cm

* Two-part blade.
** Blade adjustment, sharpness, blade setting, and size and type of wood to be chipped have a significant effect on the power requirement.


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